Research with Ebscohost

To find reliable articles on specific subjects, you need to use a reliable source. Avoid blogs and wikis.

One of the sources that is available through the Cégep portal is Ebscohost. You first need to access SAM, and then click on 'Centre des médias'.

This window will then lead you to the 'banque de données'.

Once there, you will have a choice between several sources. You should choose one that will find articles in English: Ebscohost or Eureka. If you choose to use Ebscohost, click on it.

You should have an idea of the subject of your research. Enter the key words and select a field (author, subject...) but do not click on search immediately.

There are a few more steps you need to do before the actual search:

1. You need to specify that you need the full article. If you forget this part, you will see only (or mostly) abstracts. The articles that you need for this course should be between 500 and 1500 words, or 1 to 3 pages. If you choose an article that is too long, focus on a specific part that is more relevant to your research.

2. Choose an article.

3. Specify that the article needs to be in English

4. Now, you can click on search.

You should now have a list of relevant articles. If the number of references is too high, you will need to be more specific with your key words. If there are no results for your search, change the terminology of your search.

Once you have these results, go through the list and read the ones that correspond the most with your subject. You can see the number of pages of the article (Right size, Wrong size)

There are two formats HTML and PDF:

With the HTML format, you have the option of listening to the article (in 3 English accents). You can then save the articles you find the most relevant.

When you save the article, you should use the MLA format for the reference.

You will have access to the full lenght article with a source (reference) that you can include in your list of works cited.

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