Google search

Google search made easy!

First, as for every other research you have done, you need to define your search and determine the key words.

Go to google. Type in your key word(s).

(in this case: Elizabethan Theatre) Press search or enter.

This will bring to the result page.

You will notice the search results (in this case: 358 000).

The first results are ususlly from Wikipedia.

Do NOT use these to support your research!

Wikipedia is great for general knowledge about a subject, but it is not recognized as a reliable source in the academic world!

Scroll down and look for sites that look more reliable/serious.

You may have to visit several sites before you find relevant information. Your search should focus on English sites.

And, as always, make sure you have 2 different sources who agree before you use the information to support your research!

If your first 2 sources disagree, you need to find a third one (that should agree with one of your first sources).

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