Class 7

Class 7

Give feedback on WP1

Have you chosen your book for the final project?

Presentation of selected stories by students.

Chinua Achebe Sacrificial Egg Article: Chinua Achebe was 'Granfather' of African Literature

Clark Blaise A Class of New Canadians 

Edgar Allan Poe Cask of Armantillado

Flannery O'Connor Good Country People Article: Creating Character

D.H. Lawrence The Horse Dealer's Daughter

Ambrose Bierce An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge



Discuss American Literature


Assignment of stories for oral presentation of Class 8 and written production on Class 9 (change on course outline)

You are assigned stories to read, research, write about and present. The stories are in  American AuthorsFile.

You will be assigned 2 stories each: 1 will be an oral presentation and the other will be a writte production. Focus on HOW  and WHY the language, content, setting or characters in the text is different than the language, content, setting, characters that would be presented today. Use the PowerPoint on American Literature to help you associate the author and the period.

This is an individual presentation and written production.

 American LiteratureFolder 

Oral presentation 2 on Class 8 (assigned text)

 Story assignment for OP2File

 Schedule for OP2

 Written production 2 on Class 9 (assigned text)

 Assigned stories WP2File

Annotated Bibliography on Class 10

Find 10 reference articles, biographies, theses on the book/author you have selected for your final project. For each reference, write the source using the MLA format, 100 to 150 words of relevant information that is in the reference, and 1 sentence justifying the reliability of your source.

Hand in at the end of Class 10


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