Cahier de production

1.Cahier de production 10% Cours 11

Le cahier de production comprendra les étapes de la réalisation du projet et sera évalué en tenant compte notamment de la :

·Planification appropriée des étapes et de l'échéancier de réalisation.


This text will need to be written in English. This 3-5 page text will show the changes or adaptations you have had to make from your original project definition. You will explain how you had to further define or redefine your original choice, how you had to direct or redirect your research, and finally, what the remaining steps are. This should be a continuous text. It needs to be double spaced and in my box by 5:30 on April 8th.

Remember to add a paragraph on how you intend to meet the requirements for the final project (oral and written)

I am available to answer your questions; simply send me a MIO, and we'll set a time.

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